Our Mission

To provide zero-defect and on-time delivery services to our clients at all times.

Our Vision

To transform the West Malaysia logistics industry through collaboration, innovation and e-commerce, extending its logistics services across Southeast Asia.

Meet The Team

It all started with a small leap…

The founder of CSH, Tan Yow Hua, decided to kick-start his transportation business after being in the logistics business for well over 8 years. He was widely known for his commitment and helpfulness and was referred to as “Lorry Tan” by his peers and customers from the logistics industry in Ipoh. Tan strongly believes that those who have intent and are willing to help others achieve success, will also succeed in life.

Following that belief, he embarked on his journey to open up his own company. Thus, with that sole decision, ChipSeng Heng Enterprise Sdn Bhd (CSH) was established in 1990. The company’s name, “捷成兴” (ChipSeng Heng) literarily means ‘to be prompt, to succeed and to flourish’. What started out as a small business with only five used trucks, two administrative clerks and five drivers, now has become one of the best transportation companies in Malaysia.

A Remarkable Milestone for CSH …

Like any other business, CSH had its own fair share of ups and downs. Through sheer perseverance, we made it through the 1990 recession. While others were conservative during this low period, Tan was willing to take risks.

As a result, CSH landed a 3-year contract for the construction of a petrol station in Malacca. This led to CSH’s major breakthrough of transporting for one of the Petronas Twin Towers projects. Such progress has enabled CSH to gain its reputation among other construction related industries. From then on, CSH has been involved in major projects like the first Penang Bridge and KLIA 2. As of today, CSH headquarters is located in IGB, Ipoh, while the other two of its branches are in Westport and Prai, Penang.