ChipSeng Heng Enterprise Sdn Bhd (CSH) specialises in construction material transportation. Our services include warehouse services, stockpile management, and general cargo and industrial logistics.

Warehouse Services

Over the years, we’ve helped numerous clients manage their warehouses with our crew of professionals. We also provide extra services like loading and unloading goods from trucks to our warehouse and periodical stock checks. Focus on growing your business and let us handle your logistic hassles.

Stockpile Management

Effective stockpile management is crucial in maintaining the flow of work in construction sites. With over 20 years as a stockpile operator, we ensure our staff are well-trained and follow suitable operating procedures. From the depot to their destinations, all stockpiles are properly tipped and well-organized for every delivery.

General Cargo

No matter the size and scale, we offers year-round freight services and transporting various goods like raw materials, solid bulk and more with competitive freight rates. With our general cargo trucks, bulk tankers, back tippers, side tippers and curtain-side trailers, your cargo is sure to reach its destination in a prompt and safe manner.

Industrial Logistics

We offer industrial sector support and production support. Be it the physical movement of goods form plants to customers or transportation and freight services to industrial parks. We also provide warehouse management, inventory control, warehouse space, handling vehicle routings and other transportation concerns.

Our Projects

First Penang Bridge

The New Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) of KLIA 2

Petronas KLCC Twin Towers

Jimah Power Plant Station

What's Next?

Stepping onto New Grounds!

To ensure continuous growth and expansion, CSH aims to expand its already renowned services in the Northern Region of Malaysia towards the Central Region of Malaysia, comprising of Kuala Lumpur, the Klang Valley and Selangor.