Our top two priorities are safety, and making sure your goods are delivered in a prompt and safe manner with low turnaround times and a vision to change the transportation landscape.

Reliable &
Prompt Delivery

With over 170 trucks, experienced drivers, GPS vehicle tracking and speed monitoring systems, your cargo is bound to arrive on time and intact when reaching its destination be it regional or long-haul. 100% on-time delivery guaranteed.

Handling Urgent
Transportation Needs

Backed by a solid support team and a rich pool of resources, any delivery, big or small, isn’t a problem for us whether it was planned ahead or on short notice. Our skilled technical workers are also stationed in the area in case of any emergencies. Say goodbye to long turnaround times and hello to faster deliveries.

Comes First!

What’s more important than good products? A good reputation. We made road safety management our top priority by implementing periodical safety training for our drivers in ensuring all products are safely delivered on time. Whether it’s product for your client or yourself, everyone upholds their reputation.


Albert Einstein once said, “In the middle of every difficulty, lies opportunity”. That’s how CSH sees the rivalry amongst transportation companies. Instead of going head to head, we’ve come up with the synergy effect. By collaborating, co-existing and leveraging off each others strengths, we can create a win-win situation for everyone.

In order to maintain the utmost standards of safety at all times, CSH takes performance safety measures, including safety training, roadmapping, and GPS monitoring.

Performance Safety Measures

  • Zero Fatality, Zero LTI (Lost Time Injury) & not more than 2 medical injuries (KPI: 20%)

  • Safety Blitz

  • Vehicle Inspection/Audit

  • Safety Engagement such as tool box session, incident sharing session, driver behaviour monitoring and drivers meeting.

  • Customer’s Site Assessment/ Customer Service

Safety Training

  • Defensive Driving, Fatigue and Journey

  • Management Training

  • Customer Service Training

  • Safe Pumping Procedures Tipper Training

  • In cab Assessment

Road Mapping & GPS Monitoring

  • To conduct route mapping to reduce risk of hazardous route

  • To monitor driver behaviour such as speeding, harsh sudden braking, over acceleration, etc.